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Many people still do not know how to play Minecraft online, unaware of the rules, or do not know how to download the server minecraf free to connect with thousands of players around the world.

The minecraft online is considered as a virtual version updated the old LEGO game, but with much more technology that takes players will a 3D world.

So you can have your minecraft you will need a minecraft server quality so you do not have problems and stay off, there are several websites that offer the minecraft server, but you need a good server, a dedicated server, I will recommend the most trusted minecraft world.

With more than 15 servers, Craftlandia was the first in Brazil to offer dedicated minecraft server. To learn about the best game you can access the largest forum minecraft Latin America.

When you start playing minecraft online you need to learn the minecraft rules, due to the large number of players can say that there is a huge community connected to minecraft then to maintain order was necessary to create rules to define how to play minecraft online.
If you are new to the game of minecraft, you can see videos of minecraft online.

These rules are to prevent acts that harm the development of the game and also to those who seek to harm another player or opponent. Many use the bugs to take advantage, sito is prohibited, as well as the player can not invade buildings, plantations or farms outside, rob and kill the owner of the building is a serious offense and brings the total ban of the player and termination of your account.

What makes a great online minecraft attraction is both different situations the game offers and audacity, intelligence, skill, action, adventure and fighting spirit from the players.

The player after having registered and configured the minecraft server, you can immediately begin to acquire the building blocks to create a run for its architectural design houses, mansions, castles, arenas, cities and even starbases, all this from his own imagination and creativity. You can find Minecraft PE Maps online to enhance your play.

There is also the system of excavation of minerals to acquire wealth and buy more blocks, tools and weapons.

You can not deny that playing minecraft brings great pleasure and it is a great exercise for the brain, it has been proven that the fans of this game develop various functions more easily.

I hope I have clarified some points in this game, if you got interested and want to know more, do not bother to know the minecraft online.